We specialize in Domestic,Industrial & Commercial Plumbing and Tiling.

Our services includes:


  • All household plumbing and tiling repairs.
  • Hot water cylinder replacements,removal and repairs.
  • Replacement of thermostat, elements and anoids of geysers.
  • Install drip trays.
  • Install Gas water heaters
  • Install solar water heaters wit both panel and evacuated solar tubes.
  • Unblock blocked drains and drainage repairs.
  • Install above and below ground drainage systems.
  • Repair all types of leaks at basins, sinks and toilets etc.
  • Repairs and maintenance of taps valves and cocks.
  • Install rain water gutters and pipes.
  • Install latest plumbing fixtures on the market.
  • Install Geberet and Hansgrohe plumbing fixtures.
  • Restaurant,hotel schools and hospital plumbing and tiling repairs maintenance and
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations.
  • Install dishwasher and washing machine points.
  • Install hot and cold water storage sceptic and sewerage conservancy tanks.
  • Burst pipe repairs.
  • Install geyserwise intelligent controllers and save up to 20% on your electricity bill.
  • Repair weak pressure water control.
  • Install pressure (booster)pump where pressure ratings are low.